Ms. M Ora

Experience: 3+ years Years

    Vocal Attributes

  • Languages

    English, Hindi

  • Categories

    Advertisements, Explainer Videos, Radio

  • Tones

    Casual , Cheerful, Dry , Enthusiastic, Formal, Friendly , Genuine, Informative, Matter-of-fact, Professional, Respectful, Sarcastic, Serious, Smart, Sympathetic , Authoritative, Witty

  • Vocal Age

    18 - 34 Young adult

  • Previous Clients

    News Channels Interior Designers Advertising Companies Schools, College ( explainer videos)

  • About Me

    I'm a passionate voice-over artist with a deep love for bringing words to life through the power of voice. With over three years of experience in this captivating field, I've had the privilege of lending my voice to a wide range of projects, each one....

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