Mr. M Bapat

Experience: 3 Years

    Vocal Attributes

  • Languages

    English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi

  • Categories

    Advertisements, Audiobooks, Mimicry, Spotify Ads

  • Tones

    Casual , Cheerful, Conversational, Enthusiastic, Formal, Friendly , Professional

  • Vocal Age

    18 - 34 Young adult

  • Previous Clients

    Pedigree, Britania, Meesho, Q TV, Paragon, Navneet, Tata Motors, Axis Bank, Gurushala, Storyweaver, Neend

  • About Me

    Hey there!
    I am passionate about voice-over and dubbing with 3+ yrs of experience. I can dub in MARATHI HINDI ENGLISH GUJARATI languages.


American Girl

Bonnie McKee