Mr. A Nand

Experience: Over 150 up projects in voieovers. Started as a child artist from acting now into dubbing. First project The lion king as simba. I have fukly equiped home studio. I can give output of WAV AND MP3 Files that too synced. Year

    Vocal Attributes

  • Languages

    English, Hindi

  • Categories

    Elearning, Podcasts

  • Tones

    Caring , Casual , Cheerful, Conservative, Conversational, Enthusiastic, Formal, Frank , Friendly , Fun , Genuine, Humorous , Irreverent , Playful , Respectful, Smart, Sympathetic , Upbeat, Authoritative, Witty

  • Vocal Age

    13 - 17 Teen

  • Previous Clients

    Prime focus, Sound And vision , Netflix, Amazon prime, Audiomagik, Mnm podcasts, Marvel DC.

  • About Me

    I am a teenage voiceover and dubbing Artist. I am a teenage actor too. Love voicing as it’s my passion.


American Girl

Bonnie McKee